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     HANGYA Electronic switch for start-up control
    (popular name: electronic centrifugal switch)
           Brief introduction

I. Characters comparison with those of traditional centrifugal switches
Hang ya Electric Corporation(Shanghai) has developed a series of HANGYA electronic switches with its own intellectual property. Such switches are exclusively adopted in single-phase rnotors and include capacitor start, capacitor start/capacitor run & switches for split phase motor. Meanwhile, Chinese patent we applied for these switches has been approved and batches of switches have been exported to Japanese Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. It has been over 50 years since we introduced centrifugal switch in single-phase motor, so as to switch on/off start circuit. But due to the inherent property of mechanical device, the following problems are hard to be avoided:
1. process & assembly inaccuracy;
2. easy to form mechanical fatigue;
3. vibration;
4. Easy to produce spark at the contact. So the switch may be damaged;
5. Dirt is easy to be adhered on the contact, so as to affect conduction.
The above stated problems may result in the invalidity and instability of centrifugal switch
Electronic switches (hereinafter referred to as HANGYA SWITCH in English), produced by Hang ya Electric Corporation(Shanghai), have fully clear up the above problems concerning the centrifugal switches. Based on the test and confirmation of Japanese Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute For Electrical Equipment, each property thereof is subject to that of electronic switches made by U.S. Companies. Besides, it is provided with following additional merits:
1. reliable motion and long service life: keeping a normal motion of over 2 million times;
2. Easy installation: we introduced the standard terminals on the switches. Therefore, it only needs to insert into the sockets accordingly.
3. Universal design: it is able to be operated under 50/60HZ, and also available on 115V and 230V via the change of wiring method. It is applicable to 2, 4 or 6-pole motors produced by any factory. Also, we could provide the products for the use of 220V motors.
4. Line voltage compensation: there is no need to adjust and change the electronic switches produced by us as the line voltage is within the scope of motor nominal voltage (115V or 230V) ±10%;if the line voltage is 10% lower than the nominal voltage, it may bring about the drop of motor rotation rate. Therefore, the faults occurred on the switch which failed to switch off the start circuit.
5. Anti-lightning stroke design: the switch function will not be affected as the motor is struck by lightning;
6. When motor speed drops below 50% of synchronous speed, the start circuit is reconnected to reinitiate starting torque.
7. Frequent start available: frequency of normal motion within one hour is double than that of the mechanical switch;
8. If adopting HANGYA-made electronic switches, the motor size could be reduced under the same power while motor power could be increased under the same size.

II. Appearance & installation method
In a bid to meet various demands of our customers from both home and abroad, the company simultaneously developed export-oriented and universal-oriented series. The appearances of the products include square and cylinder(see the following figure),appearance size could be changed as appropriated on the basis of customers' needs.


         Metal           Column
       Picture of HANGYA Electronic Switches

We suggest that the installation shall be carried out based on following method. As conducting the installation of metal type HANGYA electronic switch outside the machine, we suggest using auxiliary rubber washers, so as to be helpful for sealing up.


III. Product model description
According to the purpose, HANGYA electronic switches could be divided into two series: capacitor start/capacitor run (including single capacitor start and instant reserse capacitor start) and switches for split phase motors. According to voltage, they could be divided into 115/230 and 230 series. According to the appearance, they are classified as metal and capacitor. Specific denomination is listed as follows:


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